Drying my tears in the cooling fan (audio/visual installation) - Melkweg Expo (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018)

‘Drying my tears in the cooling fan’ is a collection of rendered images printed on ‘monument-sized' fabrics (one of these is shown in the image). These fabrics are composed in a kinetic installation to showcase the manufacturability of sadness. As a self-proclaimed narcissist, Couzijn finds that his sadness is often designed to serve an existential desire to find meaning behind the ruins of self-satisfying self-destruction. 

Curated by Lukas Feireiss.

Size: banners 6m2 / flags 0.5m2

Material: synthetic satin (100% polyester, fire-retardant)

Texture: shiny

Weight: banners 840 gr / flags 350 gr

These works are also available as acrylic prints, in different sizes. For the pricelist and further info: contact the artist

Fat guy dancing (video installation) - Not In New York (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2018)

In this group exhibition the artist were inspired by the theories of The Gaze because they can, now more than ever, help us understand our contemporary experience.

The Gaze is the act of seeing and being seen. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre believed that we as human beings only become aware of ourselves when we realize that we are visible objects, which leads us to objectify ourselves in the same way that the other does simply by looking at us. In psychoanalysis, The Gaze describes the anxious state that comes with the (un)awareness that we are being viewed.

Curated by Charlie Koolhaas.

Duration: 2 min (loop)

For further info: contact the artist.

Apocalypse, a working title  - Museum van Bommel van Dam (Venlo, The Netherlands, 2017)

Daan Couzijn exhibited two video installation works (Forever Online and Bring back the Logitech) as part of the group exhibition ‘Apocalypse, a working title’ at Museum van Bommel van Dam that was on view from 04-09-2017 until 06-10-2017.

Museum van Bommel van Dam presents: ‘Apocalypse, a working title.’ This exhibition evolved around contemporary imagery and their aesthetics. The language they speak, the sounds they make and the stories they show us through their presents. This presents had to be fought for in a time where the immensity of what we call images is being attacked by itself, its reproduction and productivity. The Apocalypse of the image; the knowledge that can be hidden again. Through the layers of mass production secrets can be lost and visions can be found.

‘Apocalypse, a working title.’ Consisting work of a combination of young artists working with new media en contemporary imagery. From modern animations to sculptures dealing with subjects like the internet. This younger generation of makers grew up in a different world, a worldwide world, full of new techniques, developments in the social arena en they will probably see in this life the first people who will travel to Mars. The exhibition ‘Apocalypse, a working title.’ combines several pieces from the core-collection from Museum van Bommel van Dam with this new generation of makers, a clash, a rare meeting, but most of all a valuable experiment that maybe will give us an insight in the zeitgeists of one and the same world.

An Apocalypse is romantic, therefore it is asked for, pushing towards it, cheering for it, fighting side by side it.

Other participating artists were:

Armando / Arthur Boer / Henri Boot / Flip van der Burgt / Marc Chagall / Daan Couzijn / Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof / Jan van Essen / Arash Fakhim / Valentina Gal /Jan Groenenstein / Aad de Haas / Thijs Jaeger / Onne Kamerlingh / Melle / Will Rieser / Mantas Rimkus / Gerard Sluyter / Boris Smeenk / Nardus van de Ven / Joeri Woudstra / Dick Zwier.

Curated by Sjors Bindels and Valentina Gal.

For further info: contact the artist.

Blood (live performance) - TEDx (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017)

Music by Cousin

Light installation by Nikki Hock

Bookings: [email protected]

Bring back the Logitech (video installation) - Koninklijke Schouwburg (The Hague, The Netherlands, 2017)

In collaboration with Joeri Woudstra.

An interactive video installation created with Joeri Woudstra that examines the relationship between media technologies and social interaction. Technology is no longer a machine which can take over one single action; it has become an extension of our personality. The fantasy of technology having a mind of its own and its own willpower has rapidly become a reality. Emotional technology is the new stage in our eternal search for artificial intelligence. This installation gives shape to a playful imitation of life by technology and its desire for emotional interaction in which the viewer can participate and interfere. In a world where we seem to want to be taken over by machines, a chance to place yourself in the middle of this artificial dialogue and to take a moment to think back of much simpler times.

'Bring back the Logitech' was part of the exhibition 'Apocalypse, a working title' in Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo.

For further info: contact the artist.

Forever Online (video installation) - Fashionclash Festival (Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2017)

Fascinated by online presence, I'm noticing I’m slightly obsessed with the control I can have over my own image on social media platforms such as Instagram. I find it very satisfying. I presume that the desire to have that control comes from a sense of insecurity. An insecurity that only grows over time because you and the people around you romanticise their image online. You constantly compare yourself to this unrealistic ideal. A result of this, is a feeling of not being able to measure up to this ideal and the insecurity grows. It becomes a vicious circle. At the same time, it’s causing somewhat of a distorted reality because it separates actual reality from virtual reality. And once you prefer virtual reality, where does that leave the 'authentic' you? If there even is one. In this project I explored this concept by having physically, so to speak, stepped into virtual reality. By creating and animating a 3D model of myself and placing it in different scenes and situations. By doing this, I’m trying to give shape to, what a lot of people seem to call; a generation of shameless self-glorification and narcissism. But underneath that, is that extreme insecurity and dissatisfaction. You build your own utopian, virtual, idealistic version of yourself but virtual reality is empty, it’s nothingness. Or is it the ultimate form of narcissism and have you created a virtual self that will be forever online?

'Forever Online' was part of the exhibition 'Apocalypse, a working title' in Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo.

Duration: 15 min (loop)

Dimensions: 200cm x 160cm x 36cm

Animations: Daan Couzijn & Tim Straver

For further info: contact the artist.


Human Furniture - The One Minutes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017)

This video was part of the Synthetic Selves series curated by Goys & Birls. The series consists of 14 One Minutes redefining the self in a digital era.

Other participating artists were:
Goys & Birls / Fenna Schilling / Qianfu Ye / llhtttt / Augstina Woodgate / Oliver Barstow / Daan Couzijn / Ines Alpha / Fabian Reichle / Theresa Büchner / Feline Bæk Hjermind / Juliana Maurer / Heleen Mineur / Lou Buche and Anthony Smyrski.


Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (CN)
Reykjavík International Film Festival (IS)
Sinan Mansions, Shanghai (CN) 
Trust Ltd, Berlin (DE)
Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, Amsterdam (NL)
Offprint Paris (FR)
Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht (NL)
Dortmunder U (DE)
East China Normal University, Shanghai (CN)
Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, Amsterdam (NL)
MU, Eindhoven (NL)
Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle (NL)
Museum Hilversum (NL)
Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (NL)
De School, Amsterdam (NL)
WOW, Amsterdam (NL)

For further info: contact the artist.

Art Museum of Nanjing (Nanjing, China)


Purple Reign (video installation) - Toneelacademie Maastricht (Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2016)

For further info: contact the artist.

Constructive porn in its most deductive form (video installation) - Incubate Festival (Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2016)

In collaboration with Marieke de Zwaan.

For further info: contact the artist.

Gloryhole Confessions (performance) - Toneelacademie Maastricht (Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2016)

For further info: contact the artist.

5194 (video installation) - Toneelacademie Maastricht (Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2016)

For further info: contact the artist.

The noise of silence (performance) - Toneelacademie Maastricht (Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2015)

For further info: contact the artist.

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