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Pay me: re-evaluating the value of (digital) art

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The digital era has brought forth a new, virtual dimension that has created a sea of endless possibilities. As a result, it was inevitable that artists would start exploring digital media as a way to convey artistic expression. More and more artists are working in different forms of media - from painting, drawing, and sculpture to photography and video – and are making use of digital technologies as a tool of creation for aspects of their art. 

But with the possibilities of digital media also come challenges. The collection (and therefore the sale) of digital art is a topic that has been hotly debated since digital art began to register on the art market’s radar, since the traditional ‘scarcity-equals-value’ model doesn’t necessarily apply to digital art. This begs the question: how can the value of digital art be determined?

This essay examines the challenges that digital art poses, looking into its current (economic) position in the contemporary art world and its possible future.  

Written by Daan Couzijn

Design by Etienne Clerc

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